Heal with Yoga

When Covid Safe, I teach small groups of 6 students of therapeutic Yoga. Because the classes are small I can individualize the teaching to the need of each student and personalize the instruction.

My emphasis is of a biomechanical approach of Yoga. I am passionate about anatomy and love to educate students toward a better understanding of their body. I believe that what they learn in class should help them in their daily life. 

During Covid, I teach the therapeutic Yoga class via Zoom.

Therapeutic yoga (in Person)


No Classes in Person Right Now

Yoga class designed for students with injuries, chronic pain, as well as students who want to obtain full therapeutic benefits from Yoga.
In this class, postures can be modified to target specific injuries or physical challenges like back strain, chronic back pain, sciatica, rotator cuff injury, knee replacement, and many other musculoskeletal conditions. This is a slow-paced yoga class using the support of props.

Online Yoga Classes

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Monday - Wednesday - Friday   9:00 am

A slow-paced yoga class that focuses on the fundamental postures with deep awareness. It introduces the basic principle of alignment as well as the precise actions in the body. Wednesday class includes a breathing practice at the end of the class.

Although the class is online, posture modification and alternative are given so student can adjust the practice to their body and need. All levels welcome.

Private Yoga Therapy


By Appointment Only

Yoga therapy treatments are tailored to your needs and abilities. I use a combination of exercises, stretching and strengthening, yoga postures, breath-work. This is a hands-on approach to facilitate the reduction of pain, increase the range of motion, and release muscle tension.  Yoga Therapy treatment includes clients' education about body mechanics and correct posture.