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Hey there!

I'm Christelle

I'm an enthusiastic writer, an optimist life coach, and an aspirant Yogi.

I help men and women to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health so they feel great in their body, do what they love, and thrive in their life. 

What I Specialize In



Establish Healthy Sustainable Habits

Adopt a Heartful Lifestyle

Set Creative  Goals

Open New


The Journey Towards a Fulfilled Life

Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

​I have one word to express my 90-day transformation with Certified Health Coach, Christelle Jorge. The word is GRATEFUL.
My first step on my self-awareness journey was acknowledging the negative thoughts that were taking up space and sabotaging my life.  Each week Christelle patiently helped to uncover stumbling blocks while introducing me to new techniques to redirect my thoughts while turning them into positive energy. This truly empowered me to take the next BOLD step towards my commitment to changing my diet and eating habits. She made everything fun! We visited markets together, shared recipes and food samples too and laughed a lot. Christelle always reminded me to be curious and confident in order to be successful on this journey. She taught by example and was never condescending. 
My gratitude for Christelle goes beyond words. If you’re looking for a Certified Health  Coach that is knowledgeable and walks the talk then look no further. Christelle is that person!
Malama Pono.

- Charleen Parker


Giving Back

I am a nature and animal lover at my core. I care deeply about the welfare and wellness of our planet and its sentient being. 

In an effort to fight against animal cruelty I've decided to use part of my Coaching and Yoga revenue to support a non-profit organization dear to my heart: Mercy for Animals

I also support Sierra Club for their great work for our planet.